Etienne Moyat - Carved wood Artworks
Etienne Moyat Sculpteur de nature

Etienne Moyat's creations are marked by his respect and love for nature. Trained as a cabinetmaker, he first made turned wooden pieces which brought him his first successes and enabled him to launch into increasingly larger creations. Unique and monumental, they are intended for hight-end projects for private residences, hotels and yachts. He works directly from tree trunks after drawing a sketch; he sculpts it, burns it, brushes it, waxes it, but above all pays tribute to it as a living material, a vector of emotion and experience. He tells the story and reveals the identity of each species he chooses. Paradoxically, his use of the chainsaw as his favourite tool allows him a free and instinctive gesture. His art is both sculptural and pictorial. His work, intimately linked to time and movement, occupies the space of fluid lines of energy.